GO 2020 is a special edition of Global Outreach Day, a movement to help Christians develop a lifestyle of evangelism that has been touching lives since 2012. To follow are just a few encouraging testimonies; for more, visit: www.globaloutreachday.com/reports

USA, Kansas City

Various outreaches in parks, streets and from home to home took place in Kansas City during Global Outreach Day. "We hosted six outreaches in parks throughout Kansas City," says Rachel Lee, Global Outreach Day coordinator. "We had a kids ministry truck with a stage and various people do evangelism. We also had about 500 people going door to door in Grandview. We visited 1,600 homes and distributed 5,000 pieces of material." "I Am Second" donated New Testament Bibles and "Every Home for Christ" provided tracts. "Over 10,000 DVDs of the Jesus Film were donated to us in 16 different languages to reach non-English speaking people in Kansas City," says Lee. "We recorded 250 prayers for salvation." Micke Bickle from International House of Prayer and his wife, Diane, were part of the team that went door to door witnessing in Grandview, a suburb of Kansas City.


Ten thousand churches participated in Global Outreach Day in India. Some networks expanded it to a “Global Outreach Week”, sending out believers two by two to unreached villages.

Here is one summarized report from Northern India:

9,231 - Villages were reached.

3,360,025 – Gospel tracks were distributed.

734,682 - People they said we want to believe in Jesus.

We are looking forward to starting 3,153 new house churches in the next few months, because we have found the “persons of peace.”

We are looking forward to potentially baptizing 70,000 people during July – November in about 2,000 different places.


One particular Guru from the highest caste was very open to the Gospel message. After he was prayed for, he gave his life to Jesus––directly by the Ganges River!

“Many persons want Global Outreach Day to be everyday event.” — Liberia

Dominican Republic

5,000 of the about 7,000 evangelical churches participated in Global Outreach Day, mobilizing 250,000 believers to share the Gospel. They reached 1,500,000 people with the Gospel using 1 million pieces of evangelistic literature. Ten thousand received Christ. The end of October will bring a national baptizing weekend to baptize new believers who already went through a discipleship process and have become part of a local church. As in the last years, 20’000 new believers are expected to be baptized.


“Global Outreach Day was a great blessing to our neighborhood because we (a group of 19 girls from a boarding home, age 12-19) could share the Gospel of Jesus many times to many people. God equipped us and did His work through us. We shared the story which we practiced in our weekly gospel-class, and we gave away a few Bibles to those who were willing to start reading about Jesus Christ the Savior. Many of these young people did something they never thought they were able to. God gave courage and took away all doubt or fear. Praise be to Him!”


A pastor was evangelizing in a hospital in Lima and met a man who had survived a gang war. He told him about Jesus, and the man broke down in tears and got his life straight with God. The following day, the pastor saw this man on the news. He had been one of the most dangerous and infamous criminals in the entire country and was named “Dracula”. His whole family got saved as well. “Dracula” is back in prison now but set free for eternity.

USA, Tulsa

A group in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), used water bottles and one-on-one discussions to share the Gospel on Global Outreach day.

“For Global Outreach Day 2018, the U-Care Evangelistic Association team gave free spring water bottles with the Gospel message ... Bible Verses [were] printed on the labels, and [we] gave out Gospel tracts at a local park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A group in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), used water bottles and one-on-one discussions to share the Gospel on Global Outreach day.

“The temperature was about 90 degrees and rising. We hoped to reach them with The Water of Life -Jesus - just as Jesus reached the woman at the well in John 4. The Gospel was presented through the labels on the water bottles and through the Gospel tracts. It was such a blessing to see people from various backgrounds begin to open and read the tracts and drink the water and then read the labels.”


Direct from the field: "Today in Rwanda we baptized 67 new believers from those who received Christ on Global Outreach Day. Now we are starting discipleship for them and will have to plant new churches as we expect to baptize hundreds more in other districts."

“It was such a blessing to see people from various backgrounds begin to open and read the tracts” — Tulsa, Oklahoma


Addis Ababa

“We mobilized about 266 churches in Addis Ababa and trained over 4,680 people from these churches in evangelism.

“The total number of people who heard the gospel was more than 154,000 and those who indicated a desire to receive Christ were 6,222. And those individuals who have started follow-up classes were 2,057.”

Hawassa Mobilization

“We mobilized 60 churches in Hawassa and trained 1,490 people from the churches in evangelism.

“The total number of people who heard the gospel were 23,381 and those who received Christ were 1,648.

“We don’t want this to be seen as a one-time event, but we are also working on keeping the momentum in the mobilized churches to continue doing evangelism by themselves in their surroundings and context.”


The pictures show Pastor Sammy in Kenya baptizing 11 new believers from his church's monthly outreach. The pastor started this outreach after Global Outreach Day. The church is in the biggest slum of Nairobi Kenya, home to over 700,000 people. It is a LIGHT in a VERY DARK place. The baptismal pool was just put in so they can baptize every month.

“Many of these young people did something they never thought they were able to.” — Indonesia


“The church has turned to the call to bring the gospel to those in need of salvation, we have seen how this [Global Outreach Day] initiative has caused an effect of awakening the need of those who have not yet found consolation for their souls, it is preached in the streets, in homes, hospitals, as the Scripture says, the Word is being spoken in time and out of time.”


“In the Philippines, we were able to rally the Body of Christ and distribute nearly 3 million Gospel tracts throughout the whole nation to be used on the G.O.D. The tract told the story of Manny

Pacquiano, the famous boxer, who was excited about the idea. 18,976 Christians were trained in evangelism, and 12,245 people made decisions for Jesus. In one of the largest slum neighborhoods in Manila, many were reached with the Gospel.”


We invite you to participate in the next Global Outreach Day, May 30, 2020 as also in GO 2020 and to submit your testimony on this webpage or through social media using the hashtags #globaloutreachday #go2020 #gomovement