GO MOVEMENT is not a ministry but a collaboration project.
Hundreds of denominations and ministries are working together.
To coordinate global efforts a “Global Leadership Team” was build.

Leadership Team

Steve Douglass
President Emeritus Cru
Werner Nachtigal
Intl. President Go Movement
Beat Baumann
Intl. Director Go Movement
Dave Gibson
US Director Go Movement / Pastor of Missions and Evangelism Grace Church
Jay Matenga
Director, Missions & Evangelism World Evangelical Alliance

Continental and Sub-Continental Coordinators

Noel Pantoja,
PCECP Philippines;
Continental Coordinator Asia

Stephen Mutua,
African Evangelist Network (Kenya);
Continental Coordinator Africa

Gabriel Takoudjou,
Campus pour Christ (Togo);
Coordinator Francophone Africa

Lulu Nakana,
Light Africa Children and Youth Ministry (South Africa);
Coordinator SADEC Region (Africa)

Dinah Ratsimbajaonam,
Islands Mission (Madagascar);
Coordinator Indian Ocean Islands (Africa)

Dave Gibson,
Grace Church Minneapolis (USA);
Continental Coordinator North America


Rigoberto Vega Alvarado,
Director for Evangelism
Alliance Evangelica Latina (Costa Rica);
Coordinator Latin America


Daniel Oscar,
Enfocado en la Gran Comisión (Dominican Republic);
Coordinator Carribean Islands 

Jonathan Santos,
Vale da Benção (Brasil);
Coordinator Brasil

Mike Zurbrügg,
SHINE Europe (Switzerland)
GO Youth Taskforce

Motivating and Helpful Structures for Involved Christians

We all want GO MOVEMENT to involve as many Christians as possible and be implemented in the best way possible. The existing structures of partners in GO MOVEMENT should carry the main weight of the actual implementation. However, some additional structure can help, in case it doesn’t unduly restrict or demotivate the involvement. These additional structures are intended to multiply scope and effectiveness and to inform, involve, equip and empower Christians.

Organizational Structure

GO MOVEMENT is meant to be more like a movement than an organization. Every church, denomination and ministry can participate in its own way. A “light” and dynamic organizational structure is facilitating a broad participation.


Participating stakeholders like churches, denominations, ministries etc.


Global Advisory Board

Group of well-known and accepted key people that support the vision through endorsing, making connections etc.


Global Leadership Team

Giving direction, provide vision, processes, structure, motivation.
Person: see above


Global Operations

  • Project Leadership (Beat Baumann)
  • Executive Assistance (various)
  • Global Task Forces (see below)


Continental/Regional Advisory Board

Key leaders and influencers promoting GO MOVEMENT, making connections


Continental/Regional Facilitators

Facilitators to connect churches and ministries with GO MOVEMENT.


National Team

  • National Coordinator and Vice Coordinators
  • National Work Groups / Teams / Task Forces
  • Regional Coordination (geographical regions, cities etc.)

Global Task Forces

The “Global Task Forces” are bringing like minded persons and ministries together to develop a collaborative strategy to achieve the goals of GO MOVEMENT. Each Task Force ideally has a coordinator and a vice coordinator. Most of the meetings are taking place by video conferences. Coordinators have already been assigned to some of the Task Forces and some initial task force meetings have already convened.


Tasks: Mobilizing interconnected prayers, developing a joint prayer strategy for GO MOVEMENT.



Tasks: Mobilizing 100 million believers for personal evangelism through denominations, ministries, national teams, regional coordinators, etc, and training them to share the Gospel.


Church Planting

Tasks: Help plant 1 million churches through a broad partnership of CP ministries and inviting every church to plant a church.


Media and Communication

Tasks: Marketing, public relations, websites, social media, press releases, publications, branding, etc.


Online Equipping Platform & Mass Media Evangelism

Tasks: Providing resources to train in evangelism, discipleship and church planting.
Training 10 million believers online, reaching 250 million people with the Gospel through mass media alone (Online, Radio, TV, Jesus Film etc.).


Scripture Engagement & First Discipleship

Tasks: Creating and providing necessary Scriptures to reach the unengaged/unreached people groups (UUPGs) and provide re¬sources for the first follow-up and discipleship process.


Resource Development

Tasks: Raising funds and other resources.


Research & Reporting

Tasks: Developing and managing systems for gathering, analyzing, and communicating ministry results.


Children (4 - 14)

Tasks: Providing strategies, tools and resources to equip children for evangelism and reach children with the Gospel.


Youth (15 – 25)

Tasks: Providing strategies, tools and resources to equip youth for evangelism and reach youth with the Gospel.


Professionals & Marketplace

Tasks: Providing strategies and mobilization among Christian professionals and business¬people in the marketplace.


Freedom Flash Mob & thefour

Tasks: Music and video production of “Amazing Grace” and providing resources with THEFOUR symbols for joint audibility and visibility. Creating a dance tutorial for the global flash mob. More information at www.freedomflashmob.world.


GO 2020 Events


Tasks: Major GO 2020 events on all continents and thousands of small events globally throughout May 2020. Celebrate, pray and worship together, then spread out in the streets to share about Jesus.

Please send an Email to info@gomovement.world if you would like to be connected to a Global Task Force.

GO MOVEMENT Regional Facilitators

Continental and regional leaders from denominations, ministries and network communicate together to assure that all their national teams can be involved in GO MOVEMENT. And they develop  strategies to achieve more with joint forces.

GO MOVEMENT National Teams

Building upon existing National Teams of Global Outreach Day in countries where they are already established and developing teams in new countries. Leaders responsible for evangelism from different denominations and ministries work together in a joint effort to mobilize and train every church and believer. National teams develop focused “Work Groups” for Prayer, Mobilization, Church planting, etc.

National Team Structure

The graphic below shows an exemplary structure of the national GO TEAM. A similar collaborative can be built up in cities, provinces etc.

Register HERE to get connected to a national team.

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Building Task Forces with Inspiring Leaders

With “inspiring motivation” it usually proves very helpful to form “operations boards” and/or “task forces” consisting of key leaders from denominations, minis­tries, etc. which are actively implementing the evangelistic emphasis. We expect those kind of structures will be even more helpful in a one-month-long emphasis.